Sunday, August 16, 2009

P90X Round 2 - Day 84

Time flies when you're having fun.

I can't believe it is the start of week 13. Again! This is the rest week to end my second round of the X. I've been on vacation for the last two weeks. What I haven't accomplished at work (where I usually do my P90X workouts) I've done at home. Plus, I've managed to go to an actual gym and I am much stronger on top of being more tone since the last time I went. During my vacation I went for walks, I ran, I swam a little. I even biked today near the beach. I got a wicked sunburn, but it will turn into a great tan soon enough (I hope). It's great to be able to do a little bit of everything and sleep in until 10 o clock!

Tomorrow it's back to work, reverting to my early morning schedule. I'm still a little unsure if there will be a round 3 of the classic P90X. I've read a lot of blogs, done a bit of research, and listened to a lot of people about fitness and what their current program is. During my vacation, I've decided for the start of my next program that it must be modified slightly to match my fitness goals.

The last 8 months have been outstanding. When the phrase "best shape of your life" comes to mind, I can honestly say that I am there now. But I can do so much more. I started P90X because I wanted to get in shape. And I've done that. Yes, everything is more tone, and yes I am stronger than I was before, but I never needed to lose weight like most. What I've learned is that I need to modify the existing program so that I can gain weight. To be honest, I plateaued with my weight about 8 weeks into the first round. It's stuck between 145 and 148 and at 5'8", that is an okay weight, but I still appear (and feel) very scrawny. I've followed the nutrition and the workouts to a tee. I've put my body through the X, the Plus, One on One, and even a little bit of Insanity to try and confuse it as best as possible. But it's not enough. P90X will only help me maintain my current lean physique.

I will have to modify the workouts slightly by changing the order of and adding One on One workouts, concentrating more on the lifting days and less cardio. I'll have to eat big to grow big and fuel my body enough so that it can repair and recover so caloric intake needs to increase. Obviously I won't be eating cheeseburgers and ice cream every night (it would be nice though), but focusing on the good calories, the whole grains, and fruits/veggies. I guess you could say this would be more of a hybrid round than a classic or a doubles round. I hope that I could use the theory of muscle confusion, work hard, but recover fast enough so that I will gain 5 to 10 pounds by the end of the next round of the X. I am really glad that I purchased the One on One Volume 1 DVD's. I'm not disliking the current program at all, it's just that I need to have that variety there. That's what makes every workout fresh and exciting! P90X Round 3 is going to be fun!

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  1. Hey Michael,
    Thanks for very insightful comment on my blog post about girls lifting more weight! I personally LOVE the adrenaline rush and bulging veins from a super-charged iron-pumping session, but I know that's not a typical "girl" thing. Rather than getting bulky--I am getting cut and defined, which is what any woman wants when they are fit-concious. Anyhow, you have a great idea/plan for your next stage. My hubby is in the same boat as you. He has lost all the weight he needed to lose (30 pounds) and is now at a comfortable 170 weight. What he is TRYING to do (but struggling with) is putting on mass. He started trying some Creatine...but not really sure if that is the right answer. I am back to my Phase 1 eating from the Nutrition guide and he is pretty much eating the same thing (but in bigger quanities) but he probably should add back in some more carbs and more calories. (remember phase 1 only allows 1 carb per day). Anyway, I might suggest he follow your example. have the Insanity program? I would LOVE to get my hands on that and give it a try!
    Are you a BB coach? With all the products that you have, I thought you might be--plus, you're finishing your 2nd round, so you're certainly experienced in the Bring-It attitude!
    Anyway, I look forward to keeping up with you! (if I can!) You are quite extreme, it sounds! :)