Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hello internet.

This is a new post. I've never used this service before so it's completely new to me. I've seen and heard the word 'blog' thrown around a lot, but I've never had the need to sit down and write about all the things I've done throughout my day. Personally, I always thought of it to be a waste of time. Growing older, I find it difficult to even retain even the littlest of memories, which has spontaneously pushed me to start writing things down. I have tons of ideas and thoughts, vivid dreams and inspirations...but they end up going to waste since they are never on paper or in text.

Maybe that will all change. Recently I was inspired to start this thing-a-ma-bobber after hearing and talking about nutrition, health, and workout programs. I always wanted to be a writer =). Someday I will complete blocks and blocks of text that even you may comment on. We will see.

Well, in my current program, I am on the rest week before the start of Phase 3, round 1 of P90X. I will talk about it more (type about it more?) in later entries. That's what these things are, right? Entries?

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