Tuesday, April 28, 2009

P90X Day 65 - Plyometrics

So during Plyometrics I wanted to find out the age old question:

Which is harder? Jump Knee Tucks or Rock Star Hops?

Through various experimentation I have narrowed my areas of expertise to these four points:

  • I could probably double my time of nonstop Jump Knee Tucks
  • Mary Katherine Lunges are a killer right after
  • Rock Stars are tough on the knees
  • I could possibly be a real rock star in the future (maybe a guitar hero if time allows)
Rock Stars come a set after the Knee Tucks, but that does not necessarily make them harder! I still think getting your knees to your chest is more challenging than getting your ankles to your butt. (In some strange world, that last sentence makes a lot of sense and doesn't sound sexual at all)

I feel a soreness all over, but it's a good feeling. Less than a month to go. I really enjoy mixing up the workouts week to week as it provides something new a fresh to an otherwise pretty straightforward workout.

P.S. If any of you watched the New Jersey/Carolina game. Only one phrase can describe it: GG.

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