Sunday, April 19, 2009

P90X Day 55 & 56 - Interval X + and Yoga X, X Stretch

This weekend was very eventful. Started off Saturday morning quite early with a workout (No sleeping in. That's reserved until Sunday). I wasn't sure what workout I would do since I had spent the last few weekends trying different workouts and getting as much cardio in as possible. Being on the Classic version is great, but I am not quite ready for doubles yet. Time is also a huge factor since I can't really do cardio at home so I would need to do it at work. At the moment, I can't force myself to get up at 4:30 or 5:00 AM and get all sweaty before work at 8.

Cardiovascular endurance is definitely my weakness. I have always hated running in general, gave me cramps in my stomach and legs (not to mention shinsplints too), and I was always out of breath. Seems simple enough to breathe properly while running, but nobody ever told me how! As you could probably tell, I never liked running in track and field or cross country. I grew up as a somewhat chubby kid as my dad had before me. It's almost certain that he never played sports, recreational or otherwise, and that tradition similarly passed on. I could have been pushed into having a fit lifestyle but was instead coerced into reading books and 'studying' when I was younger. Sports was really out of the question in my household.

I argued this fact.

It was then on that mom and myself had a very strained relationship, and to this day we do not get along well. My dad was born here in Vancouver while my mom was born overseas. She had a strict, no nonsense attitude and continues to be extremely old fashioned. I am open-minded and embrace a Westernized culture. (Yin and Yang anybody?) I am fluent while she struggles with her English accent, and primarily speaks in her native tongue. I have Caucasian relatives on my father's side but there is a large communication gap with my opposite grandparents.

To make things worse, through the roughest times as an adolescent she would comment on how overweight and lazy I a ten year old child. Yes, my mom came out and told me this, no beating around the bush. She's old fashioned like that, but nobody should ever, ever, ever tell their child this. You can just imagine how great my confidence and self-esteem were at the time. Despite all of that, I learned early on that these things could be ignored. Water off a duck's back if you will. These past experiences can be used as motivational ammunition, which in fact is why my workout went so great!

I opted for Interval X Plus this weekend. No, it isn't on our regular group program... So yes, I secretly snuck it in about a month and a half back and have alternated between this and Cardio X every week. The first time I did Intervals, I was totally gassing by the end, but I love it how it's straight to the point. It doesn't start off slow like Cardio does with a bit of Yoga. Oh no. It's 45 minutes of butt kicking intensity, and boy does it make you sweat! I felt really good even with Carlito 3-Way Pushups. I struggled with these before, but I was managing to jump between my hands on each rep! I felt so good Saturday that I got in Yoga X as well. The Yoga Belly 7 section was killer though and my form was failing halfway, but in all a great workout day. Flexibility is definitely improving. I should do Yoga more often.

Also, I ate super healthy throughout my entire Saturday, barely any meat at all. I am not a vegetarian whatsoever, but I could have passed for one (almost...who am I kidding :l ). Here is my food intake in no particular order:

  • Protein shake
  • 1/2 cup of oatmeal with 1 tsp of peanut butter (Skippy brings all the taste with 1/4 the fat)
  • 1 1/2 cup of All Bran cereal with a portion of almonds, no milk
  • Protein shake
  • Banana
  • Apple
  • Protein shake
  • Lots of soybeans with tiny slivers of beef
  • Tons of broccoli

To top it all off I was drinking water the entire time and keeping super hydrated.

Went to sleep relatively early, around 12 AM. Woke up after 10. It's supposed to be my rest day (which I usually go to the extreme and do absolutely nothing) but I checked out some of the comments that I've been getting, reading other P90X related blogs, and that was motivation enough to do a workout!...But not before watching a lot of hockey. =D Watched the Penguins/Flyers game on HD. I don't sit and watch TV much. Today is the exception though, and why do that when you can stream everything on the internet? Finished off the evening with the entire Canucks/Blues game and the end of the second period of the Anaheim/San Jose game. Playoff pool, go figure.

With a slight headache, I did X Stretch and was really hoping that would cure the dull throbbing in my head (not to mention I was inhaling water like no tomorrow) but didn't work at all. I guess I was not used to eating so lean even though I was loading up on the veggies the night before. Body just isn't used to it. I feel a lot better after eating a HUGE dinner. Tons of carbs...probably too many carbs actually. Sunday works out to be the Rest/Indulge day. Lots of meat and potatoes, pineapple, ham, brussel sprouts, and mushrooms. Psh, I feel like a stuffed mushroom by the way... Also, I should have gone to sleep about an hour ago, but decided to write this. Oh well, tomorrow is onto Phase 3. The workout is Chest and Back which we haven't done in a month. I will let you know of any improvements in the next entry.

Keep crushing play!

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