Thursday, May 7, 2009

P90X Day 76 - Kenpo X

I did Kenpo X by myself today. My group decided to do Legs & Back (which I will do tomorrow) and I stuck to the schedule. I really can't afford to stray and start doing the workouts out of sequence. Seeing as though we just did Ab Ripper X yesterday and Plyometrics the day before that, my abs and legs get the necessary days to recover. The schedule is so intricately thought out which is why I love it so much. And since every day has a set workout to complete, there isn't a lot of exercise juggling for you to deal with.

Just some quick things about Plyo from a few days ago. Lots of hopping, knee tucks, and jumps. I felt really great afterwards and I really got low in my squats. The first two months of Plyo I didn't really feel much in my quads in terms of delayed onsetmuscle soreness, but I did get very bad cramps in my calves. That has since been a thing of the past. I really have to push and get extra out of Plyo by getting my hands in the air whenever I get the chance and getting super low and holding my squats. The third phase of P90X has really brought about changes. My quads are starting to get definition, and my calves are just amazing looking. You should see when I stretch up onto my toes.

Yesterday's Shoulders & Arms was okay as a group, but in retrospect, I really enjoy working out alone with freeweights so I can pause to change weights. Since we started doing P90X as a group, us 5 guys have weights with removable plates. You can kind of see that it takes a while to switch weights between exercises so we each take a mean weight that can be used across a few moves without pausing the DVD. Sometimes I will do Upright Rows with 20 lbs which is really light just so I can do 16 reps of Static Arm Curls with good form. The way it's being done is not balanced at all and I am considering just doing all the lifting at home and doing Plyo/Cardio/Kenpo at work. But until then there isn't anything we can do until we all get a set of weights. A set! Maybe I shall invest in my own.

Right now I don't feel anyone else has really kept up with me in terms of the schedule: one workout a day with or without Ab Ripper. I see that one or two of the guys will just lift heavy and not care about form at all, rushing through the exercises. Being tired is not an excuse to skip Ab Ripper. I'm also easily miles ahead in terms of nutrition. I've stopped drinking liquor (for now), cut out all unnecessary sugar and fat from my diet, and upped my water intake. I've really stopped going out to all restaurants and eating at home. I've not only saved money but I can really control what I eat. By doing these things I've shed a lot of fat, but there is still some left that I want to get rid of. I will eventually weigh myself to get an accurate body fat % as I am really curious to know the number. Sure being strict with everything is a pain, but I'm getting far better results than everybody else and I'm loving it!

So onto Kenpo. Great workout, sweat inducing for sure. I focused largely on my breathing today and found I had extra energy for the water break to bring my heart rate up. I used to love Kenpo X the most, but since starting have found it a bit repetitive and useless other than for the cardio purpose of P90X. My favorite would be a tie between Chest, Shoulders & Triceps and Back & Biceps as those really blast your muscles like no other. Nonetheless, a very fun workout that I look forward to every week. I should probably mix in Kenpo Cardio X once I get the DVD for it. Looking forward to round 2 as there are only 2 weeks left!

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